By Christian Kahle

Three Liberty Center students have been selected to participate in the OAEA Emerging Artists High School Exhibition. The students participating are Rebekah Orr, Travis Seedorf, and Tyler Seedorf. This event will be held at the State Teacher’s Retirement Systems building. The students art work will be there from September 10th to October 21st. There will also be a ceremony on October 21st beginning at 2 pm and ending around 3 pm.

Some pieces of artwork will be selected for awards in different categories. This show was invented to motivate and inspire new artist to excel with their work. OAEA works to promote art education and recognize student art work. This show works in areas of drawing, painting, sculpture, crafts, computer art, photography and printing. The pieces selected for this show are from 9 different OAEA regions in the state of Ohio. Good luck to the Liberty Center students in this show.