By: Jill Clapp

By now, you’ve probably heard about Hillary Clinton’s new book called “What Happened.” Clinton made headlines when she revealed her new book, causing joy and anger from Americans around the world. In the book, Clinton does not hold back her feelings toward President Trump, referring to his demeanor as the new President and supposed ties to Russia.  Not only does she include her thoughts on Trump, she also touches on her fight against Bernie Sanders for the Democratic nomination, saying it was “profoundly frustrating.”

According to John Verhovek, of ABC News, Clinton explains in her new book how she accepts the blame for losing the Presidential election. Verhovek also says Clinton expressed her feelings towards James Comey. Comey is the FBI director that reopened the case regarding Clinton’s email scandal. With that being said, is this book worth reading? Do we really need to know “what happened”?

Depending on your interest in politics, you may consider reading “What Happened.” It would be a good read for people who would like to see Hillary Clinton’s close point of view on how the election went and her future plans in politics. Rooting for Clinton? Good news; she’s not going away. Not a Clinton fan? Bad news; she’s not going away.