By: Jill Clapp

Liberty Center High School students started the new school year last week and with that came a few new rules. Students are no longer able to put signs on their lockers or carry book bags to and from classes. I sat down with Mr. Black, the Liberty Center High School Principal, to talk about why the changes were made and how they have been accepted by the students at LC.

When asked about why students are not allowed to have locker signs, Mr. Black explained that we will be preserving the new lockers at the new school. Come January, we will have brand new lockers that have a nice gloss finish and they would like to make them last for the students to follow. This being said, locker signs or things hanging from lockers, will damage them over time. The rule is being implemented now, so that students can get used to what will be expected at the new school.  

Another rule that has changed is the ability of students to carry book bags to and from classes during the day. They will be allowed to bring their bags into school but must leave them in their lockers while they are in class. This is so that the students cannot bring weapons or other harmful objects into the classrooms. Mr. Black also mentioned that it helps to prevent any delay of exiting the building in the event of an emergency. Students and teachers could trip over the book bags that are blocking the path in the aisles. Now that there are no bags in the classes, this helps the teachers and faculty to spot a person that does not belong in the school if he or she were to have a bag. Due to the new rule, classes have been cut down to 45 minutes, rather than 50. This gives students five minutes in between classes to go to their lockers and get their supplies for the next class.

Mr. Black expressed his appreciation of the students and their cooperation with the rules. He said that if students had questions, they acted in a mature fashion by coming and asking him about the changes. Mr. Black made a final comment to the students saying, “Thank you very much for your cooperation and please know that I am not trying to make people angry and that I am just looking out for their safety.”