By Shelby Brooks

On the night of Friday, August 25th, a category 4 storm called Harvey hit the shores of Texas and made history as the strongest hurricane to hit the US in over a decade. By the next morning, some areas had received 18 inches of rainfall and forecasters warned Texans of extreme flooding. Some parts of Houston have reached over 50 inches of rainfall, setting a record for the continental United States. The storm is still in progress, though it has downgraded to a tropical depression and is now in Louisiana, Beaumont-Port Arthur, Texas, and is threatening to hit lower Mississippi.

So far, at least 38 people have died and many more have been injured by the tropical storm Harvey. Houston and other parts of Texas have been completely destroyed. Buildings are filled with floodwater and have also been torn to shreds by the high winds and the sometimes fierce movement of the water. The people evacuated from the cities due to the storm were brought by the dump truck-load to donated storage warehouses- a furniture store owner has donated two of his showrooms to the people in need. He also did this for Hurricane Sandy back in 2012. These shelters allow pets and also supply as much food and water as is needed. Those who need the help will be able to stay as long as necessary.