By Gabriel Hinton

As most of you may know, the 2017 solar eclipse recently occurred. On Monday, August 21, 2017, the eclipse was seen by most of North America. A solar eclipse is where the moon will pass in front of the sun creating a shadow down on Earth. In some places, it was completely dark for a few minutes. The last time an eclipse took place in the United States was 38 years ago. Parts of South America, Africa, and Europe also were able to see a partial shadow from the eclipse.

The path of the eclipse totality would begin in Oregon and end in South Carolina. It would also pass through other states such as Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, Missouri, Kentucky, and Tennessee. The shadow first touched the ground at approximately 10:15 in the morning. The eclipse would leave North America, last being seen in South Carolina, at about 2:49 in the afternoon for totality and about 4:09 for the last of the shadow. The eclipse would be seen in the United States for an hour and thirty-three minutes.