By: Elyse McMaster

Señora Soto teaches Spanish two and three. She has the students do projects such as music videos, cooking videos, fashion shows, and piñatas. The piñata project has been done for years by the Spanish three students. The project requires students, individually or in groups, to design, build, and decorate a piñata. The students have to get their own boxes but the school cafeteria and offices usually have some for the students to use. Señora Soto makes a list of the colors of tissue paper needed and buys that for the students. The last week or so of school, the students spend most of the class time, and other free time, working on their piñatas. They can choose to do layers of fringe to decorate their piñatas or do a more plush, 3D design. This annual project is a good way for students to experience the Spanish tradition and most of the students look forward to it.