By: Elyse McMaster

The Tiger Dairy Bar is Liberty Center’s ice cream shop. Formally known as the Dugout, the dairy bar was owned by Mr. Pieracini until he sold it to Becky Meyer in the fall of 2016. The Tiger Dairy Bar is a popular spot for kids in LC to get ice cream, slushies, hamburgers, etc. Many school classes take trips to get ice cream when they have free time and some sports teams go after games/meets/tournaments.

When asked how she liked owning the Tiger Dairy Bar, Mrs. Meyer said, “I’ve always wanted to own it, so I bought it! It has its challenges like anything else. It is definitely a learning experience and I haven’t quite learned it all yet. I really enjoy it though.”

The Tiger Dairy Bar sells everything from soft and hard serve ice cream, slushies, and sundaes to hamburgers, fried pickles, and mini corn dogs. The windows of the dairy bar are also used by the village to put up posters about lost pets, shows, and festivals. At the corner of 109 and County Road T, the Tiger Dairy Bar is definitely one of the most popular places in Liberty Center.