By: Braxton Tejkl

Although school is still going on, some classes have ended. College classes are coming to a close and some are already over. Both Statistics and Calculus have taken their finals recently, whereas Composition took their final on April 26. Those students who are done with their college course do not have to come into school for that period. The student, however, needs to have a signed note from their parent saying that the parents understand that their child will not be at school during that period. Typically, this adds to Mrs. Garretson’s workload because many more students are signing in and out. Most of the teachers, however, are glad to be finishing early. This allows them time to get the exams graded. With the big move to the new building less than a year away, it may also give the teachers some extra time to pack up their room or just get ready for summer break. Both students and teachers are happy to be done with their classes a couple days early.