By: Jill Clapp

On Thursday morning, 18 FFA members headed to Columbus for the 2017 FFA State Convention that was held on Thursday and Friday. Kaydee Geldien and Jenna Carico are two members that attended the convention. Kaydee explained to me that purpose of going to Columbus was to watch two of their very ownLiberty Center FFA members, Blake Graber and Christian Chambers, receive their State Degrees. She also added that they were there to learn about what to be compassionate about. When asked what their favorite parts about the convention were, Jenna told me that her favorite was going to the arcade and playing the many arcade games. She said, “I hit the jackpot and won a thousand tickets!” On a more serious note, Kaydee explained that “watching the speaker talk about compassion touched my heart.” They both agreed that their least favorite there were too many people, nowhere to sit, and the sessions were too long to stay focused. When asked if they made any new friends while they were at the convention with all the other schools, they replied with “No, but we did get the opportunity to talk to some of the LC students that we don’t really know. Mostly the eighth graders that went on the trip.” They also enjoyed that there was extra downtime to enjoy the pool while the trip was also serious when it needed to be.