By: Jill Clapp

April 28, 1945- Benito Mussolini Killed

Benito Mussolini and his mistress, Clara Petacci, were fleeing to Switzerland when they were stopped by Italian partisans and killed. Mussolini was the dictator of Italy for several years. They were trying to escape death by going to Switzerland, but that did not work. When he got to the border, he dressed up to disguise himself as a soldier but was spotted as a fake.

April 28, 1965- United States Troops arrive in Dominican Republic

On this day, President Lyndon B. Johnson sent more than 22,000 troops into the Dominican Republic to restore order on the island. This action raised concern from many in the United States and in Latin America. With the fear of communism all around, this, in reality, gave the media a list of people who were suspected to be communists.

April 28, 1995- South Korean Gas Pipes Explode

In Taegu, South Korea, gas pipes beneath a very busy city exploded and killed more than 100 people. Among the victims were 60 children, more than likely on their way to school. When the explosion happened, there was underground construction happening under the city. Flames shot out from beneath the city, some reaching up to 150 feet high.