By: Ashleigh Clevenger
Today Liberty Center, Napoleon, Holgate, and Patrick Henry traveled to the Henry County Fairgrounds to watch a mock crash. A mock crash is imitating a crash of drunk drivers from prom. The mock crash involved four students who were speeding and crashed into a tree. The four students were from each of the four schools attending the crash, including Emma Babcock from Liberty Center. The announcer told us to pay attention to a clock because of the “golden hour”, which starts at the time of the accident. The “golden hour” is the most crucial hour after the accident.  The simulation showed that the driver sustained minimal injuries and walked away from the scene. The passenger wasn’t wearing her seatbelt, leading to her being thrown out of the car, making her the only fatality of the accident. The back seat passenger on the driver side, Emma Babcock, was the only one wearing her seatbelt, which resulted in the breaking of one of her legs. The back seat passenger on the passenger side wasn’t wearing his seatbelt and hit his head on the top of the car. Which resulted in very serious head injuries and he was unresponsive at the scene. At the end of the mock crash, a woman named Teresa Bilow told us a story about a drunk driver running a red light and killing her 8-year-old child.