By: Elyse McMaster

Napoleon, Holgate, Patrick Henry, and Liberty Center schools are having the annual electronics recycling competition. Every year the four schools collect electronics such as hair dryers, toasters, curling irons, treadmills, etc. to recycle. The schools get paid per pound and the school that collects the most gets an extra $200. Liberty Center has won every year for the past few years and the money has tremendously helped the Music Department. Liberty Center’s drop off location will be the new parking lot south of the football field. The day to drop off electronics is April 22 from 8am to 1pm At the same time, same place, will be the annual Easter Seal’s clothing drop. Please drop off any clothing that you have that you would like to get rid of. Everything from shirts, to towels, to belts, to ripped jeans, to torn blankets, are accepted. Anything that is not in good condition, such as a ratty work rag, will be used to make carpet padding. The Music Boosters will get paid by the pound. Please consider donating old electronics and clothing to help support the Liberty Center Music Boosters. Please note that anything with a screen, old tvs and computer monitors, will not be accepted. For the complete list of accepted electronics, see the Music Boosters Facebook page.