By: Thomas Chadwick

Friday night LC’s varsity baseball team played Stryker and lost 5-6. LC started off slow but had a good defense.

Jarret Krugh rounded up the first 2 innings with 6 strikeouts and only 2 hits.

In the bottom of the 4th, the bases were loaded and 1st baseman Conner Sonnenberg hit a double to right field, scoring 2 runs and putting LC ahead 4-0.

In the top of the 5th, Stryker started their comeback. With guys on second and third and 2 outs, the batter struck out, but LC’s catcher, Barren Beard, dropped the ball so the batter ran to first. When Beard threw the ball to first, the runner on second went to third. The throw was caught but the batter was safe. The runner on third didn’t go home, resulting in two runners on third. This caused a run down, allowing the runner originally on third to score, and the runner from second becoming the third out. This put the score at 5-1.

In the top of the 6th, 1 out, runners on second and third, Stryker’s DH, Bost, hit a ball past second,  allowing Stryker to get two runs. The score was 5-3.

Later in the top of the 6th, 2 outs, runners on second and third, Shock hit a double in deep right field, scoring both runners and tying the game 5-5. Shock later scored on an error for the game-winning run. Stryker held the Tigers scoreless in the bottom of the 7th to finish off the 6-5 victory.