By: Braxton Tejkl

This year the state of Ohio is requiring freshmen and sophomore students to take tests over their areas of study. Freshmen take English I and the state has a test for them to take. This test was taken on the 22nd of March. Another test that the freshmen have to take is Algebra 1. This test, however, will not be taken until May 2nd. The sophomores also have several tests that they must take this year. The first one, English II was taken on Wednesday, March 29. The remaining tests are Biology on May 1, American History on May 4, and Geometry on May 9. Additionally, some sophomores must take the Algebra test on May 2. The final test is the Government test where there is a mix of juniors and seniors. After taking all of those tests these students are just about done with state mandated tests; these students are going to have to take an ACT test in the spring of their junior year.