By: Jill Clapp

March 24, 1989- On this day in history, the Exxon Valdez ran into Alaska’s Prince William Sound. The oil tanker set out the night before at around 9 p.m with Captain Joseph Hazelwood leading the crew. Shortly after they set out, Hazelwood gave control to Third Mate Greg Cousins. Information got confused and the ship was soon headed for Prince William Sound where it would crash and spill much oil. The result of the oil spill were miles of oil covered waters, the deaths of many sea birds and other animals, and close to $30 million in damages.

March 24, 1998- On this day in history, two boys, Mitchell Johnson and Andrew Golden, shot and killed five people at their school in Arkansas. Golden, who was 11, asked to leave the classroom only to pull the fire alarm, sending the whole school to head outside. He then joined the older boy, Johnson, who was 13, to hide in a wooded area outside of the school where they would fire shots as the students and teachers ran out. Four students and one teacher were killed along with ten others injured.

March 24, 1977- On this day in history, the United States and Cuba talk directly with negotiations about the Cold War. There had been signs between the United States and Cuba but they had never talked directly, for fear of the relationship between the two countries. After this negotiation, the relationship did change. In 2015, the relation calmed with an announcement to resume the formal affairs between the two nations.