By: Braxton Tejkl

The most popular sporting tournament in the United States is about to begin. March Madness is the NCAA men’s basketball tournament. March Madness has a long history. On March 27, 1939, Oregon defeated The Ohio State University 46-33 winning the first-ever NCAA men’s basketball tournament. The tournament popularity has grown over the years since 1939. For the first 12 years of the tournament’s existence, only 8 teams were invited to participate. Then by 2001, the number of teams raised up to 64. There are now something called play-in games, referred to as the First Four. After the play-in games, there are 64 teams that are split into 4 regions of 16. The teams play and those who win move on. The lucky ones make it to the Final Four where the teams play in the year’s host city for the tournament. In 2017, the host city for the Final Four is Phoenix, Arizona. The finals will be played April 3rd. This year’s number one teams in each bracket are Villanova, Gonzaga, Kansas, and North Carolina with the overall number one spot going to Villanova. Have you filled your bracket?