By: Thomas Chadwick

Tuesday night, LC’s boys and girls bowling teams had a banquet where they ate dinner and received awards for their performances during the season. After eating a potluck dinner, the awards were presented. For both teams, there were awards for MVP, Highest Game, Highest Average, Most Improved, and Mojo award. For the boys, Max Metzger won the MVP and Highest Average awards, Finn Haughn won the Highest Game award, Thomas Chadwick won the Most Improved award, and Layne Alley won the Mojo award. On the girls team, Taylor Snyder won the MVP, Highest Game, and Highest Average awards. Sarah Hadding won both the Most Improved and the Mojo award. The girls team also gave the coaches and volunteers bowling pins with nicknames on them. All players received a Varsity Award. Other awards included the Scholarship Award, Scholar Certificate, and Scholar Shirt. Senior bowlers who had a 3.5 GPA received the Scholarship Award and bowlers who had a 3.3 received the Scholar Certificate. Scholar Athlete Shirts were given to bowlers with the following GPAs: seniors 3.0, juniors 3.15, and sophomores 3.3.