By: Braxton Tejkl

College football players have the dream of moving on to play professional football, but before they do, they have to show they belong there. They do this by going through a series of physical tests at the combine. At the combine, players throughout the country come together to show off their skills to the coaches from each professional football team. It is tough to get invited to the combine, though; you have to be chosen by a selection committee to perform there. The selection committee scouts around the country for the best football prospects. Some of the best prospects this year are running back Christian McCaffrey (Stanford University), quarterback Deshaun Watson (Clemson University), and free safety Malik Hooker (The Ohio State University). Players still have a chance of getting in the NFL even if they are not invited to the combine. Many players that did not participate in the combine have had successful careers. Players that have been successful are Antonio Gates, a tight end that was undrafted out of Kent State in 2003, and two super bowl reigning players, Julian Edelman, wide receiver from Kent State, being a 2009 seventh round pick and Malcolm Butler, an undrafted cornerback from West Alabama in the 2014 Draft. The dream to be an NFL player starts, but does not end, with the combine.