By: Ashleigh Clevenger
On Saturday, March 4, the Liberty Center Wind Symphony will be traveling to Bowling Green High School to perform three pieces of music. The three pieces of music have been being prepared since before Christmas. These pieces were performed at last night’s concert in preparation for OMEA. OMEA has two parts to it, the actual performance and sight reading. The actual performance is at 10:00AM, where they’ll perform the three pieces. Sight Reading takes place about 30 minutes after the performance. The band has one minute to look over the music by themselves, and one minute to talk about the piece with their band director. The goal of OMEA is to get feedback about their performance and how to improve for the future. OMEA is a contest where the ratings are 1-5, 5 being poor, 1 being outstanding. If a band gets a 1 at contest, they can choose to advance to state where they’ll perform the same pieces.