By: Thomas Chadwick

Most people are bored by scheduling and think it is a really simple process, but it is much more complicated and intriguing than writing on a piece of paper. When you write down your requests on a paper, it is just the beginning of it. After all the students submit their course requests, there are about 400 request forms. Mr. Black then goes through all of them to determine a master schedule. The master schedule says how many of each class there will be and which period they are. This takes 2-3 months to create and once it is done, Mrs. Ahlemann’s work begins. She has to go through all of the course requests and fits them into the master plan. This process allows for most students to receive about ⅔ of their requested electives.

The reason that students don’t get all of their requested classes is due to the class sizes. When Mr. Black is creating the master schedule and Mrs. Ahlemann is scheduling individuals, they have to keep in mind the max number of people in a class and try to keep it below the limit. Most classes have 25 student max while others are less. This process is important because it allows the students to get all of their required credits into graduate with a good diploma and get a good job or attend a college.