By: Jill Clapp

If you have social media, you have probably seen many women explaining their opinion about equal rights and maybe you have even seen a few pictures from those who attended the march on Washington. Many women have come together to show their friends and peers what they believe should be equal for both genders. While many may believe that the topic of equality comes only from women, many men share the concern. There are also many others who believe the opposite, thinking that men and women were not created equal.  

Those who believe there should be better equality between men and women share some of the same thoughts. Some of those include men making a higher salary than women, sentencing for men who have raped women, a woman’s choice in the matter of keeping a pregnancy, and unfair differences in the way each are treated in similar situations. These are just a few of the many issues that have raised concern from a group of people.

There are many others that think the opposite. Myself included in this group of people. While I have a different opinion than many of my friends, I still respect their views. Some of the reasons I, along with many others, feel this way would include religious views, conservative practices, the lack of rights for women in third world countries compared to Americans, and right to life. People may feel this way because of the way they were raised. I have read some interesting posts stating how poorly women in third world countries are treated for practicing freedoms that we as Americans possess. It is evident that as American women, we are treated much better than in many other countries.

There are things in today’s society that have a large impact on citizens in the United States. Whether for or against equal rights for women, it shouldn’t get in the way of friendships and relationships between people. We will always have differences of opinion, but it is how we treat the people around us that shows the most.