By: Katie Clawson

Super Bowl LI is said to be the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history. The Atlanta Falcons led most of the game until the final seconds, when the New England Patriots scored the last touchdown, winning the game 34-28. Other highlights of the game included the halftime show performed by Lady Gaga and the commercials.

Commercials are one of the classic Super Bowl traditions. At over $166,666 per second, some of the largest companies in the nation can advertise during the most watched television event of the year. This year’s commercials included the Mercedes-Benz bar fight and the Squarespace commercial which featured some choice words from John Malkovich. There was also a commercial for the Kia Niro which included a very unlucky Melissa McCarthy, and we also got a little hint of Bill Nye the Science Guy in the Persil commercial. Possibly the most controversial commercial of the night was from Budweiser. The commercial told a story of immigrants which was directed towards President Trump’s recent immigrant ban.