The LC boys bowling team had its senior night and last match Monday night at Napoleon, LC’s home. The night started off with both the senior boys and senior girls getting recognized. The boys’ senior members are Finn Haughn, Thomas McGilvery, Morgan Richardson, and Layne Alley.

They bowled against Tinora and won 2213-2133. In game 1, LC won with 908 pins to Tinora’s 835. Max Metzger and Tom McGilvery bowled the highest for LC that game with scores of 199 and 193. Tinora’s highest bowlers were Austin Hespe and Logan Hanenkratt. They bowled a 180 and a 170.  LC also won the second game with a score of 820 to Tinora’s 795. Finn Haughn and Morgan Richardson were LC’s top bowlers that game, both with a score of 181. Tinora’s top bowlers were Alex Stanton and Austin Hespe with scores of 188 and 182. The series total for each team was 1728 for LC and 1630 for Tinora.

Next was the bakers. LC won game 1 with 184 to Tinora’s 144. Tinora won the next baker 186-165. Tinora also won the last baker 173 to LC’s 136. The baker totals were 503 for Tinora and 485 for LC.

The seniors finished off the year with averages of 174.1 pins for Finn, 160.5 for Thomas, 159.8 for Morgan, and 156.8 for Layne. The team had a record of 4-10.