By: Katie Clawson

According to Superintendent Hug, the school building is on schedule. Even though the workers have experienced some setbacks, the building project is still progressing. Due to the winter weather, they were only able to enclose 75 percent of the building. Because of these conditions, they have refocused their work to the interior of the building.

At the current time, there are multiple projects taking place. When weather permits it, work is being done to finish the exterior of the building. They are also working on heating and cooling, sprinkler systems, and electrical work. Current projects also include putting up drywall, painting, and putting up interior brick. Dr. Hug also said that they sent out bid packages on Friday, January 27, for a new bus garage, loose furnishings, technology, and playground equipment.

The plan is to move into the new building during the winter break of 2017-2018. In order to do so, the break will be extended to three weeks long. Due to the fact that the old school building will not be torn down until April of 2018, the parking situation is expected to get worse. The administration is currently looking into a solution for the future problem. The administration has also begun the planning process of an open house of the new school, and a dedication of the old school.

*Please see the photo gallery located on the web page for images of the new school.