By: Braxton Tejkl

Prom is a very exciting time of the year. Some may think that it is silly that prom planning has begun already, but this event is so exciting that it takes a lot of time and effort to plan. Some girls have even bought their prom dresses already. The juniors are in charge of planning the prom. So far only they know the theme of this year’s prom.  Right now, to fundraise for prom, there is an event called “Dash for Cash.” This involves several junior boys dressed in their finest dresses asking for money during halftime of the varsity basketball games. The plan is to raise enough to pay for the DJ which is $500. The first Dash for Cash was during the boys game versus PH on Thursday, January 19th. Over $200 was raised in that one game. The other the boys’ game dates are, Friday, January 27th, Friday, February 3rd, and Friday, February 24th.  The only girls’ game that will be sponsoring a Dash for Cash is Thursday, February 16th. We hope to see you there and bring your cash.