By: Thomas Chadwick

The LC boys bowling team had its 10th match Friday night at Deshler Lanes, Patrick Henry’s home. LC lost to PH  2334-2016. In game 1, PH beat LC with 936 pins to LC’s 832. Austin Tolles and Jakeb Neiling bowled the highest for PH that game, bowling a 199 and a 191. Max Metzger and Finn Haughn bowled the highest for LC that game with scores of 190 and 179. PH also won the second game with a score of 901 to LC’s 741. Collin Johnson and Zach Moehrman were PH’s top bowlers that game with scores of 225 and 217. LC’s top bowlers were Layne Alley and Max Metzger with scores of 193 and 172. The series total for each team was 1837 for PH and 1573 for LC.

PH won the first baker with 180 to LC’s 170. PH also won the next baker 147-124. The last baker was also won by PH with 170 to LC’s 149. The baker totals were 497 for PH and 443 for LC.