By: Elyse McMaster


The 2016 Liberty Center fall play was Murder´s in the Heir. The play was directed by Mr. W from Ayersville. The dates of the fall play were December 15th, 16th, and 17th at 7:00 p.m. Mr. W said he was very pleased by the cast and crew´s performances and is planning on returning for the spring musical Grease. Murder´s in the Heir was an audience participation play. During intermission, the audience voted on who they thought the killer was. The person with the most votes played the part of the killer in the second act. On the 15th, maid Nancy Pollard, played by Elyse McMaster, was the killer. On the 16th, southern bell Paula Thompson, played by Ollie Starkey, was the murderer. On the final night of the play, the 17th, handyman Rufus Jones was the killer. Rufus was played by Jordan Sunior. The cast and crew of Murder´s in the Heir would like to thank all who attended for their support and for participating in the production.