By: Ashleigh Clevenger

On Monday morning, Ohio State’s main campus was under attack leaving 11 people injured, one being critical. According to everyone thought it was a shooting because someone tweeted about there being gunshots around 10 AM, but in all reality the gunshots were from a police officer, saving the pedestrians lives. The website also states a man intentionally ran over a group of pedestrians, followed by him getting out of his car, then started cutting and stabbing them with a butcher knife. An OSU police officer nearby the attack, Alan Horujko originally there for a gas leak, shot and killed the suspect within one minute of the start of the attack. The suspect was Abdul Razak Ali Artan, from Somalia, who was a permanent resident of the United States.Two people were being treated for stab wounds, while four were injured by the car, and two others were being treated for cuts. The police have stated that they are investigating whether or not that it was a terrorist attack.