By: Jill Clapp


New Netflix feature to download shows to watch offline- Netflix is now offering its customers the option to download some of the shows and movies to watch while offline instead of using a boat load of data. According to Chris Welch from The Verge, some of the shows that can be downloaded are Orange is the New Black, Stranger Things, Breaking Bad, and many more. Is this going to be the next best thing? I hope so!

December has started- December has started and that means that Christmas is right around the corner. The Township Trustees have put up the lights around the Firemen’s park and they look awesome! People have been putting up their Christmas trees and 101.5 The River is playing festive music. Wherever you go ,you can surely feel the Christmas Spirit and that is certainly hot.

Buckeye Football- The Ohio State Buckeyes have been having a great season with only one loss to Penn State last month. Recently they have won against their rival ¨the team up North¨ 30-27, which, for many, is a great thing!


The school is freezing cold- Don’t forget your jacket! The school is freeeezzingg! Depending on what room you’re in, you might be hot or you might be cold. The temperature in this school is definitely NOT hot!

Michigan ranked team- Michigan is ranked fifth with two losses to Iowa, an unexpected team to take down the Wolverines, and Ohio State ranked second, according to ESPN. It is 100 percent not hot that Michigan is in the top 5.