By: Thomas Chadwick

The LC boys bowling team had its first match Monday night at home. They bowled against Evergreen and lost 2237-2316. In game 1, LC won with 936 pins to Evergreen’s 863. Finn Haughn and Thomas McGilvery bowled the highest for LC that game with scores of 227 and 225. Evergreen’s highest bowlers were Evan Conrad and Nick Hudik with scores of 212 and 182. Evergreen won the second game with a score of 875 to LC’s 797. CJ Langenderfer and Evan Conrad were Evergreen’s top bowlers that game with scores of 248 and 186. LC’s top bowlers were Thomas McGilvery and Finn Haughn with scores of 183 and 169. The match play total, or the total of the two regular games, for each team was 1733 for LC and 1738 for Evergreen.

The next 3 games were bakers. Bakers are where 5 bowlers bowl 10 frames with the first bowler bowling frames 1 and 6, the second bowler bowling frames 2 and 7, and so on. Evergreen won the first baker 233-177 and the third game 188-169. LC won the second game 158-157. The total for the baker games were 504 for LC and 578 for Evergreen.