By: Elyse McMaster

The 2017 Spanish Club trip to Puerto Rico has been approved by the school board. The trip is the third one that the Spanish Club has taken in the past 4 years. The trip is scheduled for April 5th- 11th and is a 7 day, 6 night trip. It is open to 30 students and roughly 5 chaperones. Students who wish to go must be taking Spanish III. They must have good grades in all their classes, have good grades in all three years of Spanish, must be able to communicate in Spanish, and have few absences this school year.

Señora Soto, the Spanish teacher for Spanish II and III, has taken two other groups of students on this trip. The first trip was in 2013 and was through the tour company Vamaños Tours. The students and chaperones on the trip all said they had a good time and recommended it to other students. The second trip, in 2015, was also through Vamaños Tours. The company was very happy to have Liberty Center Spanish Club back and gave the group more experiences than the first trip. The students and chaperones on that trip also said that it was a fun trip and they learned a lot.

The 2017 trip will cost each student $1,895 and will be through Vamaños Tours again. The cost covers airfare, bussing, most meals, accommodations, and pays for all tours and boat rides. The students will be in rooms with a total of three or four people of the same gender. They will take a bus to Detroit and take a short flight to JFK airport in New York City. They will then take a connecting flight to San Juan, the capital of Puerto Rico. Since Puerto Rico is a United States territory, no passports will be needed and neither will currency exchanges. Students will have access to American wifi and cell phone services to keep in contact with their parents back home and the chaperones.

Students will get up around 7 a.m. and return around 10 p.m. every night. They are expected to speak some Spanish with the locals, try new things, respect their surroundings, and have fun. They will discuss every night about things they have learned and how they are feeling overall. This trip is recommended by previous students and Señora Soto.