By: Ashleigh Clevenger

On Friday Night, the Liberty Center Tigers and Swanton Bulldogs played a rough game, which landed with the Bulldogs on top, leaving the Tigers with a 7-2 record and the Bulldogs with a 8-1 record. In the first quarter, the Tigers were the only one scoring, kicking a field goal and leaving the score 3-0. In the second quarter, the Tigers scored a touchdown running the score up 10-0. But, with only a few minutes left on the clock before halftime the Bulldogs got a touchdown leaving the score 10-7. In the second half of the game, the Bulldogs were the only one scoring in the third quarter making the score 14-10. In the fourth quarter, the Bulldogs got another touchdown leaving the score 21-10. The Tigers got a field goal, which pulled the Tigers within 8 with a score of 21-13. The Bulldogs scored one final touchdown, while the Tigers ended up getting a safety when Swanton intentionally ran out of the end zone, leaving the final score 28-15.